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$4.8 million expansion project for the Cornwall Campus of St. Lawrence College of Applied Arts and Technology, provided Aultsville Theatre to the Community as a home for the performing arts in 1976.

Named after one of the area villages that was inundated when the St. Lawrence Seaway was built, Aultsville Theatre was created as a professionally appointed cultural venue for both the College and the Community.

Originally managed by St. Lawrence College administration, operation of Aultsville Theatre was eventually transferred in the 1990s to a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of members of the community at large. Today Aultsville Theatre is successfully operated as a charitable organization.


On September 4, 1975, Ontario's Minister of Colleges and Universities James Auld raised the first piece of sod, launching the construction of  Aultsville Hall.

Aultsville Hall, and in turn Aultsville Theatre, would be the newst additions to the Cornwall Campus of St. Lawrence College.

Left to right: James Auld; College Principal, L. J. Tremblay; College Board Chair, R.F. Browne; College President, W. W. Cruden.


In the structural design of the Theatre, a ductile steel frame on a 22 foot by 22 foot grid was utilized,. This design considered the required fexibility of movement necessary to resist potential hazards that might be caused by an earthquake.      

 construction2  construction3


In 1976, work on Aultsville Hall is completed. The Theatre is a beautiful, professionally appointed facility, and proves a focal point of for the St. Lawrence College campus in Cornwall.


Seventeen months after the sod turning ceremony, on February 4, 1977, the Honourable Harry Parrott, Minister of Colleges and Universities, officially opened the new building and Aultsville Theatre. Dignitaries were seated on the stage of the new Theatre as St. Lawrence College Principal Louis Tremblay gave his opening remarks.

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